מאת: Jonathan Wyler
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"I am not your friend, for one simple reason. I have no friends." Part philosophical treatise, part social commentary and part psychological drama, the novel Man lays claim to the universal themes of love, identity, friendship and the meaning of life. The eponymous hero, Man himself, is not Everyman, however, but Uberman, a die-hard sarcastic fellow who feels compelled to constantly challenge the world he sees. Deeply concerned with the mundane, conformist and meaningless lives of those around him, Man’s strong sense of responsibility compels him to try and save the world, one uninstructed individual at a time. In the interests of research, Man will meet many girls, some women and one Woman, all fascinating characters and all ripe for instruction. But can any of them break through to Man’s vulnerable core? Does he even have one? As Man himself says, "I might occasionally be among you, but I'm certainly not part of you." Man offers a novel perspective on many things we take for granted. Sometimes humorous, periodically absurd and, now and then, profoundly disturbing, you will either love Man or despise him, but it’s impossible to remain indifferent. Telling the story of a man of principle and integrity in an unprincipled and unintelligible world, Man will keep you guessing if Man can be broken. In the battle between Man and society, individuality and conformism, can Man prevail? Should he?
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